Project Description

Residence in Bromley, London, Loft Conversion, First Floor Extension, and Garage Conversion

The site is a detached dwelling house located in South Greater London, Bromley.

The proposed scheme includes alterations to the existing roof to increase the available height in the loft area, altering the roof angle, adding rear-pitched dormers, and installing roof light at the front roof to provide additional habitable areas.

The alteration of the roof angle, and consequently raising the ridge level, is proportional to the dwelling.

The proposed dormers are pitched to match the area’s streetscape and roofscape. Their size is subtle and contributes to the overall appearance of the building.

The proposed loft conversion has been carefully designed to blend harmoniously with the existing building and the surrounding area while respecting the form and appearance of the existing roof.

The proposed scheme has been designed to comply with the council’s guidelines.

The first-floor extension is symmetrical to the existing bay window at the left-hand side of the property, matching in size, material, and design.