Residence in Richmond, London Design for Loft Conversion, Refurbishment & Extension

Dear Stella, Thanks again for all your support and your patience! Despite all our demands you have always stayed calm and helpful and I really appreciated that. It was really wonderful having someone like you around in such a stressful time of our life.

Architect Engineer at A1 Project Management Services Ltd

Stella is a brilliant Architect Engineer. Her drawings always amazed our clients, resulting into many significant deals. Stella understands perfectly the architectural needs of any client. With maximum quality and in minimum time, Stella offers the best possible architectural solution. Finally, her customer service is truly unique. I had the privilege of working with Stella [...]

Stella Kordista as Collaborating Architect Engineer

Stella is experienced, hard working, conscientious and creative, with the ability to adapt to an international working environment. Her academic knowledge allows her to weave in any demanding project. She has special technical knowledge, based on her rich working experience... ...Stella is a really exceptional architect engineer. Her academic knowledge allows her to weave in [...]

Stella Kordista as Collaborating Architect Engineer (2)

l have cooperated with StelΙa extensively in Greece, in several projects - residential as well as commercial. She has always been efficient, with a great sense of responsibility and accuracy in her tasks. She works well in a team and has a good sense of fellowship. She responds to difficulties and problems with patience and [...]

Stella Kordista as Architect Engineer Student (thesis)

...I had the opportunity to appreciate her unique morals, her industriousness, her combinational skills, as well as the high quality of her composite courses. At the last year of her studies she elaborated, under my supervision, on her dissertation under the subject "Silversmith School in Lavrio". This dissertation was distinct for its combinational qualities, [...]

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